Funeral  Nation  is a Blackened/Thrash metal band that was formed in Chicago, Illinois in 1989.. from former members of the bands "Abomination" and "Funeral Bitch". The band has released 2 full length albums, 4 eps, a live album, 2 compilation albums, and various demos, splits and singles.

Funeral Nation has maintained the same original founding members since 1989, with the exception of Dave Chiarella being replaced with Dean Olson in 1991.. Funeral Nations current recording and touring line up is:

Mike Pahl:: Bass/Vocals   

Chaz Baker:: Guitar 

Dean Olson:: Drums           


Thirteen years later in 2010, Dean Olson and Chaz Baker came together to determine whether or not to release re-issued material to South America. After repeated failed attempts to make something happen with the label from South America, the decision was made to get back together and release everything under Funeral Nation's own label  R.K.Productions. Soon after that the band started writing and recording new material.        

In 2012 the band released "Devil's Radio" a recording of a live radio show from 1996. The band also released "Second Coming" in 2012 which was a full length cd consisting of both released and unreleased music from the 90's...In early 2013 Funeral Nation released an ep called “Wicked” that featured all new songs written and recorded from 2011 to 2013. This ep had Chaz doing vocals because Mike had not come back to the band yet.
Soon after the band recorded and released the ep "Wicked", Funeral Nation played a comeback show in May of 2013.. At this show Mike Pahl joined the band on stage to sing the last song of the night "Sign of Baphomet". After that show it was decided that Mike would rejoin the band and bring it back to the original 91 lineup.
The band continued to play shows in the Chicagoland area for the rest of 2013..

The band also reissued the "After the Battle" lp on limited  red vinyl through the German record label  Voice of Azram..

In early 2014 Funeral Nation toured Germany on its "Open the Gates of Hell" tour. Some of the highlights of the tour were playing “Metal Assault IV” in Wurzburg, and Skullcrusher in Dresden, Germany. Once back from the tour the band began writing and recording new songs for a new full length release later in 2014.. The band however suffered several setbacks later in 2014, and did not get started on the new release as quickly as we had hoped, but still managed to get a release out in 2014 and started working towards bigger things in 2015.
The band started playing live shows again in early 2015. In May 2015 the band released "Open  the Gates of Hell".. This was to be the remastered version of "Second Coming" for world wide release. We were not happy with how it turned out and put out a deluxe version in 2016 titled "Open Wide The Gates Of Hell" this version contained the correct songs and band information as well as bonus songs and a large booklet with lyrics.   Also in 2016 we decided to release a 25th anniversary version of "After The Battle". This came out as a double cd with the first disc containing the full album with its original studio mix as well as the song "Satan's Prey" that had been cut from the original release. The second disc contained 60 minutes of previously unreleased bonus material, and also came with a large booklet. This was titled     "After The Battle XXV".

The band has been doing shows in Chicago,  as well as other states around the US. Playing shows on the East Coast and playing as far west as Texas. In 2017 and 2018 we have licensed several reissues of older material for distribution in various parts of the world. We released a new self-titled Ep of all new material recorded in 2017.

In 2018 we released a compilation cd on Vic Records titled "Molded From Sin" that covered our music from 1989 to 2017.

We will be playing a couple more shows before November 2018.  After that we plan on taking the next few months  to finish work on our new full length release as well as tie up some loose ends on other Funeral Nation projects we hope to have completed in time for our 30th Anniversary in 2019. We will be back to playing shows again in March 2019 when we go to Santiago, Chile to play at "Enemies of the Cross 3".
We are working hard to make 2019 a big year for the band and hope to return to play the places where we have done well in the past. We also want get to new cities, states, and countries where we have a hungry and loyal following that have been waiting many years for the opportunity to see Funeral Nation live.

The "State of Insanity" demo was released  in 1989, and was the bands first official release. Soon after that "Reign of Death" in 1991 and "After the Battle" in 1991 were released by the record label  Turbo Records. These offerings gained positive reception in not only the Chicago metal scene, but also gained attention from the European thrash/metal scene as well.
After playing numerous shows in the Chicagoland area, and surrounding states in the US, the band was offered and accepted their first European tour in 1991. When the band returned from the tour they began writing new material, and due to musical differences Dave Chiarella left the band.. Soon after Dean Olson joined the band as its new drummer.

In 1992 the band recorded  "The Benediction" demo , followed by the release in  1994 of "All Hallows Evil" a live 7inch recorded on Halloween in 1993. In 1995 the band self released a compilation cd named "Come Kingdom Thy".
From 1991 to 1997 the band continued to record and play numerous live shows without the support of a major label. In 1997 the band recorded the "Deceiver" demo, that ended up not being released. At the end of 1997 Funeral Nation went on hiatus for a much needed break from one another after years of extensive touring and performing.


Funeral Nation  Discography::
1989- State Of Insanity                                   2012- After The Battle,reissue cd
1991- After The Battle                                     2013- After The Battle,reissue lp
1991- Reign Of Death                                      2013- Wicked                       
1992- The Benediction                                    2014- 1987 Abomination Tapes                
1994- All Hallows Evil                                    2015- The Benediction,reissue cd                        
1995- Come Kingdom Thy                             2015- Open the Gates of Hell                              
1997- Deceiver                                                 2016- After The Battle XXV,2cd                             
2012- Second Coming                                    2016- Open Wide the Gates of Hell,DLX
2012- Devils Radio                                          2017-Funeral Nation, limited edition ep        

                                                                            2018- Molded From Sin   

                                2019- ANNORUM  ERUENDOS                           

Funeral  Nation

Funeral Nation Social Media:   

Funeral Nation is currently looking for a professional worldwide record label with a worldwide distribution network to handle our newest release "Before The Dawn", and our new vinyl box set "Satan's Trinity". In addition to the new release we also have sole ownership of all of our back catalog and can deal on those releases as well. 

Funeral Nation

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